Your Personal Altar

Your Personal Altar What is an Altar? An altar is a sacred space used ‘to make sacrifices’ to the Gods. Sacrifices! you say! What’s this!? There must be an exchange of energy. The smoke of the [...]

Magick Spells Ethics & Philosophy

My Ethics & Philosophy On Spell Casting When Practicing WitchCraft   After discovering myself to be on the receiving end of a spell, I was utterly aghast. I went through the gamut of [...]

Casting a Circle for Ritual and Magic

About Casting a Magic Circle While doing some ‘light reading’ researching the sigil used in the Car Consecration Spell, I came across “…a completely satisfactory description of the magic circle [...]

Ritual Bathing

Ritual Bathing By Ivy Ross© ‘Practitioners of the Occult and Spiritual and Metaphysical Workers oftentimes prescribe a purification bath [Ritual Bathing] to aid a lost Soul in overcoming that [...]

Magical Roots, Seed and Shells

Magical Roots, Seeds and Shells Utilizing these magical roots, seeds and shells in your spells will increase their power. Balm of Gilead – These sticky buds are used to ease the pain of [...]

Reading List for Beginning Witchcraft

Reading List for Beginning Witchcraft This is the reading list that was given to me by my first initiating Priestess in my beginning witchcraft class so many years ago. May it serve you well! [...]

Planetary Hours for Conducting Spells

  Planetary Hours for Conducting Spells A.M. Hours  Hours After Sunrise Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn 2 Venus Saturn [...]

What is the Best Timing When Casting a Spell

Spellcasting and Timing There are many factors that go into determining the optimum timing to perform your spell. The purpose of your spell is the most important factor in deciding when you will [...]

Alter Chants for Acts of Magic and Worship

Altar Chants © 2018 Ivy Ross, HPs The altar chants are how I begin every act of magic I preform. This is when the elements are used to cleanse, charge and bless the working space. The instruction [...]

How to Light Self-Igniting Charcoal for Spellcasting

Much of the ancient spellcasting requires the burning of aromatic woods, barks and spices. During the pre-biblical times a hot coal was readily available to place in a brazer for ritual purposes. [...]

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