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The Conjure Bag

Also known as charm bags, gris-gris, mojo, Witch’s pouch, root bags,

wishing bags, toby & by other names. They are usually red cotton flannel

bags tied with a draw string that are filled with items that you pick for

your specific desire. They are a talisman that can be made for any

use such as; luck, love, safety in travel, money, health, etc. Used for

protection they become your personal amulet.


The items that you place in your Witch’s Pouch are anything you feel

will serve your purpose. Herbs, roots, bark, wrack, stones, relics,

petitions & magical seals are just a few of the things you might

place in a Witch’s Pouch. Some believe that it is best to use an odd number

of items; 3, 5, 7, 9 or 13. Any more than that and the conjure bag becomes too

large to easily carry. An oil specific to your purpose is

poured into your pouch before it is tied up with an odd number of


The Witch’s Pouch is usually carried or worn close to the body,

touching the skin. It can also be placed at the front door of your

home or business, in a cash drawer, in your car…

To ensure that your Witch’s Pouch retains its power, it is fed

periodically with oils specific to your purpose or in some instances

a drop of urine, blood or other body fluids; depending on the purpose your

Conjure Bag serves.

You can re-work your conjure bag if you feel it has become drained of its energy. It would have to be reworked for the same purpose however. You can reuse the bag,

roots, stones, seals, relics and petitions. All herbs will need to be replaced with fresh herbs.


As you weave & spin your spell three-fold return your tale will tell.

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