Many people like to have a small object charged with Reiki energy that they can carry in their pocket or purse, or keep near to themselves, so that they have the healing energy with them at all times.

Reiki Energy Charged Objects

I offer the service of charging an object with Reiki energy. You can either mail me a specific item, or I can provide small items which I have available that are appropriate for a man, woman or child to carry with them.

I also have small items to choose from that can be easily placed on a table or shelf near you. As example, you could place the charged object on a night stand or in a hospital room. This method is especially helpful when Reiki healing is being given to infants (placing the charged item in a crib) or to small children.

Due to the variables involved with providing you this service (will you be sending me an object or do you wish to have me provide one; the time required to properly charge the item to address your particular needs, etc.) I will quote you my fee after I am able to consult with you. Please use my contact form to request more information.

Particulars available upon request for this Reiki service.

Contact Me

I'm not around right now, but you can send me an email and I'll get back to you soon.

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